YALAN 318 Mechanical Seal for Sewage Pumps

YALAN 318 Cartridge Mechanical Seal for Sewage Pumps

YALAN 318 Mechanical Seal View 1 YALAN 318 Mechanical Seal View 2

Basic Features

  • Structure: Single-End
  • Pressure: General Pressure Mechanical Seals
  • Speed: General Speed Mechanical Seal
  • Temperature: General Temperature Mechanical Seal
  • Performance: Wear and Medium Corrosion
  • Standard: API610
  • Model NO.: 318
  • Balance: Balanced
  • Specification: Inner Diameter: 25 mm to 110 mm

Product Detailed Description

YALAN 318 Cartridge Mechanical Seal for Sewage Pumps

Structural Features: single end, multi springs, balanced, independent direction of rotation, cartridge mechanical seal. The compensation components are supported on the sleeve so they rotate with the shaft. The elastomers protect the springs to avoid their direct contact with the sealed mediums so that the springs will not be jammed or corrupted. This lasts the life time of the mechanical seal. Multiple springs make sure the load on the seal faces are balanced. The sleeve is locked to the shaft by the elastomers so that there will be no axial movement and the sleeve will not be able to damage the shaft either. The axial and radial dimensions are both very small and it is very suitable to replace gland packing. This cartridge seal can replace AES Convertor II.

Industrial Standards: API610

Scopes of Application: widely used in water treatment, power plants, metal processing, pharmacy, chemical fertilizer industry, and food production. Designed for water pumps, sewage pumps, chemical pumps, double suction pumps, paper pulp pumps and other rotary devices. This seal component is suitable for replacing gland packing.

Operation Parameters:

  • Pressure: 2 - 2.4 MPa or less
  • Temperature: 40 ~ 200 ºC
  • Linear Speed: 20 m/s or less


  • Rotary Ring Face: Carbon/SiC/TC
  • Stationary Ring Face: SiC/TC
  • Elastomers: EPDM/FKM/Aflas/FFKM
  • Springs: SS304/SS316L/HC-276
  • Metal Parts: 2Cr13/SS304/SS316L

Mediums: water, oil, acid, alkali, salt, solvents, paper pulp and other medium corrosion content.

Customization: Changes of materials for getting other operating parameters are possible. Contact us with your requirements.

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