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YALAN Seals is a China-based organization, which has its own manufacturing factory and design company, supplying high quality and affordable mechanical seals and components. YALAN Seals is right now one of the top 10 mechanical seal manufacturers in China. No matter if your industry is sewage treatment, paper making, chemical engineering, oil refining, machinery manufacturing, pharmacy, painting and printing, refrigeration, food processing, petrochemicals pesticide, or electricity generation and any other industry that will need pumps and seals, we are confident that we are able to provide the best pump seal solution to meet different requirements from our clients.

Mechanical Seal Standard Maker

YALAN Seals, as one of the top mechanical seal companies in China, created China National Standards of "Shaft Sealing Systems for Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps" (GB/T 34875-2017/ISO 21049:2004) and "Specification for Mechanical Seal of FGD Pump" (JB/T 12391-2015). YALAN Seals is also the council member of China Mechanical Seal Industrial Association.

YALAN Mechanical Seals

Industrial Applications

As one of the leading mechanical seal suppliers in China, mechanical seals of YALAN Seals are widely used in the industries below as very important machinery components.

YALAN Product Categories

With over 25 years of mechanical seal design and production experiences and as a China manufacturer of mechanical seals, YALAN right now has manufactured a total amount of over 3,000 types of mechancial seals and accessories. Below are our main product categories and more products are kept updated on our website.

YALAN mechanical seals for clean water, vacuum and circulating pumps

Clean Water, Vacuum & Circulating Pump Seals

YALAN mechanical seals for chemical and centrifugal pumps and compressors

Chemical & Centrifugal Pump/Compressor Seals

YALAN mechanical seals for agitators and reactors

Agitation Equipment & Reaction Kettle Seals

YALAN mechanical seals for sewage pumps

Sewage Pump Seals

YALAN mechanical seals for slurry pumps

Slurry Pump Seals

YALAN mechanical seals for paper pulp pumps and pressure screens

Paper-making Equipment & Pressure Screen Seals

YALAN mechanical seals for high temperature oil pumps

High-temperature Oil Pump Seals

YALAN mechanical seals for WILO pumps

Fully Customized Nonstandard Mechanical Seals

YALAN mechanical seals for Roots blowers, gearboxes and high speed pumps

Roots Blower, Gearbox and High Speed Pump Seals

YALAN mechanical seals for immersion rolls

YALAN Mechanical Seals for Immersion Rolls

YALAN mechanical seals for cryogenic pumps

YALAN Mechanical Seals for Cryogenic Pumps

YALAN other products

Other Products, Oil Seals and Bearing Isolators

OEM Replacement Seals

Materials and Features

Seal Face Materials and Features
Auxiliary Seal Materials and Features

Our Clients

China Lucky Film Group Corporation
Huangshan RSP Manufacturing Co., Ltd
BBCA Group
Giti Tire
Evonik Industries AG
Asia Pulp and Paper
China National Salt Industry Corporation
China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation
China Huaneng Group
Huashen Pumps and Valves
Shijiazhuang Kingda Industrial Pumps
Shuanglun Pumps
Sanlian Pumps
Shijiazhuang Industrial Pumps
Himile Group
Datang Power
DTS Food Processing Equipment

YALAN Product Catalog Download

Mechanical seal products of YALAN will keep updated and you can always download the latest version here.

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