YALAN Bearing Protectors

Bearing Protection, Bearing Protector, Bearing Isolator

Bearing Protection, Bearing Protector, Bearing Isolator

Basic Features

  • Style: Ring Style Bearing Protector
  • Function: Labyrinth Sealing
  • Application: Bearing Protection
  • Shape (For Gasket): Ring Gasket
  • Material: Copper/Stainless Steel
  • Standard: Standard
  • Model NO.: YL-VLA and YL-VLA-D
  • Specification: Inner Diameter: 10 mm to 200 mm

Product Detailed Description

Bearing Protection, Bearing Protector, Bearing Isolator

Structural Features: one (single end) or two (double end) pairs of rotary and stationary components are locked by seal rings as a unibody, to become a labyrinth sealing structure. This product prevents moisture and dirt coming into the bearing chamber to cause damage to the bearings. Also it prevents the dirt to jam the bearing pressure relief vent of the bearings. The rotary ring will not wear the shaft and the whole seal has very compact axial dimensions. The seal is easy to install and will last the life time of the bearings. The duration of this component is several times longer than normal framework oil seals.

Scopes of Application: widely used in power plants, machinery, chemical engineering, and paper making industries. This product was designed for water pumps, gear boxes, decelerators, speed changing boxes, conveying equipment, and paper machine.

Operation Parameters:

  • Pressure: Normal Pressure
  • Temperature: -50°C - 200°C
  • Linear Speed: 60 m/s or less


  • Rotary Ring: H62/QSn4-3/SUS304/SUS316L
  • Stationary Ring: H62/QSn4-3/SUS304/SUS316L
  • Elastomers: NBR/FKM/Aflas/Kalrez

Features: this bearing protector employs static and dynamic sealing technologies to prevent ingress of contaminants into the bearing housing and ensure oil retention, even when the equipment is shut down. This component can work in a similar way as the product called Seal Gard made by Flowserve.

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