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Seals for mixers

Type 202 Mechanical Seal for Mixers
  • Type 202 Mechanical Seal for Mixers
  • Type 202F Mechanical Seal for Mixers
  • Type 202F Mechanical Seal for Mixers
  • Type 202F Mechanical Seal for Mixers
  • Type 202 Mechanical Seal for Mixers

YALAN 202 & 202F

SKU : Type 202 and 202F

Basic Features

  • Structure: Single-End
  • Pressure: Low Pressure Mechanical Seals
  • Speed: Low Speed Mechanical Seal
  • Temperature: Medium Temperature Mechanical Seal
  • Performance: Wear and Corrosion
  • Standard: HG5-752-78
  • Model NO.: Type 202 and 202F
  • Balance: Unbalanced
  • Specification: Inner Diameter: 30 to 180 mm

Product Detailed Description

YALAN 202 and 202F Multiple Spring Mechanical Seal for Vertical Mixers

Structural Features: single end, multiple springs, unbalanced mechanical seal for kettles, mixers and agitators. This component has a simple structure and high reliability. The 202F has a split design of the stationary ring so it is easy to install, especially for big shaft diameter conditions, without uninstalling the decelerators and shafts the stationary ring can be easily installed.

Industrial Standards: HG5-752-78

Scopes of Application: mainly used in vertical mixers that does not have strict leakage requirements, such as fermentation cylinders, seeding tanks and reaction kettles.

  • Operation Parameters:

    • Pressure: 0.1 to 0.25 MPa
    • Temperature: - 20 ºC to 150 ºC, when the temperature is higher than 150 ºC, the cooling tank is required to work with this mechanical seal. This will increase the installation height by 100 mm.
    • Linear Speed: 2 m/s or less


    • Rotary Ring Face: SS316/SS316L
    • Stationary Ring Face: Carbon/SiC
    • Elastomers: FKM/NBR/EPDM
    • Springs: SS304/SS316/HC276
    • Metal Parts: SS304/SS316/SS316L/2205/2507/Q235

    Mediums: acid, alkali, oil and polymer suspensions.

    Customization: Changes of materials for getting other operating parameters are possible. Contact us with your requirements.


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